Monday, August 28, 2006

the dinner party

This is actually for a little side project That I'm trying to work on now!

sniff.. i'm sick today, and staying home!
It would be so cool to stay home WITHOUT being sick, but, hey, take off the TWO hour commute , and what's a little headache, hey?


Martin Hsu said...

master pascal! I love the expressions and actions you put these animals in. So lively! Feel better!

the doodlers said...

We just wanted you to know that we added your lively and beautifully drwan blog to our links!


Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Hope you feel better pascal.

pascal said...

i'm a little betterm but still pretty out of it.
you know, that feeling like you are three feet away from your body, and everything moves in a semi slow motionway, all the sound sare muffled?
yup..that, and the headache.. that's me!

ok.. so.. why Am I still playing on the computer instead of watching reruns of Ghost and die Hard?

The doodlers.
Ho.. thank you !!

robert casumbal said...
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robert casumbal said...

how fun! all the characters are wonderful... the lavender hippo is my favorite. you just made my day!

i hope your headache is better today.

Gerald said...

Great layout and colors. I'm a huge fan of your flash animations. You've inspired me to (hopefully) get back into it.

sarah said...

Eagh! Two hour commute. That's terrible!

I love these two illustrations. Both seem to be part of a bigger story :)

pascal said...

The doodlers.
I just checked out your site.
GREAT WORK you guys have!
I feel very honored!

Gerald..ahahah..and I still haven't met you.

One hour one way, another the other way.
Very annoying, espcecially when you're sick

Yes.they are sort of the same story.The same world at least.

pascal said...

ooops.. sorry.. i thought you were someone else actually.
THANK you so much for the nice words