Friday, October 27, 2006

The loot

..which is also the second half of the drawing I sent a little whiles ago.

Friday.. YEHAAA!!! I come!
Oh yeah!


sarah said...

Yay! Cute! I'm glad you finished it up :)

bala said...

GREAT:composition,colour balance,characters.

you rock man!!!

Scott Tolleson said...

Pascal, this is an amazing piece. I really enjoy staring at it. Great color palette and composition!

heri said...

Hey Pascal, aways enjoy looking at your work, and the story they project.


pascal said...

Thanks guys.

yOu know you inspire me to do these as thanks to you too!

Thanks..I was thinking about the composition a lot on this one actually.
had some issues with, i'm glad it turned out allright in the end.

Thank you!

HAve we met?
I have the impression I should know you..are you a friend of Muffin's?

Alan said...

That poor chump.