Friday, October 20, 2006

the grim reaper

That was a theme for this week's drawer geeks.
for some reason, I wasn't at all inspired to do a walking skeleton.
The deadline came, and i just popped this one out of my head..
interesting take on it, that's what I thought!

a modern version of the grim reaper, based on Marvel's pretty popular character(that's for Mike by the way!)

and another one , done for a friend of mine who's very much into the last unicorn!
There you go stephanie... I was wondering where that last one went...


Mette said...

two such opposite illustrations. I like them both very much! I gotta say i really like the atmosphere in the last unicorn one. It's so floaty and happy. And your choice of colors on the rainbow is just wonderful!

And I dig the ladder in the grim reaper one. :D Hanging there, a very cool detail.

mike said...

yeah, i saw that today and i was like, HEY! that's the punisher! and he's punishing, so that plays out very well. :)

i think you should place him into a new sequence of the above drawing. now THAT would be fun.

pascal said...

Put the punisher in the unicorn drawing?
god....that would be a sight, wouldn't it?

wanna do it Mike?
I'd love to see your take on that!

Alan said...

Oh Frank Castle.... you always know how to open a can of whoop-ass.

pascal said...

that Frank Castle and his cans....