Tuesday, October 17, 2006

busy busy busy

Yup...the title says it all.

BUT, to explain...
It's not just WORK busy( allthough there is a lot of that!)
I'm just really having a full life these days, and, god, that feels good!
The proportion of work and fun are still off though, way too much work than fun, but the fun I have, thanks to my dear fiance, is just incredible.

The reason why I'm mentioning this, is simply because I'll be slowing the posts a bit for a little while, and might be putting up some older work, or different work , or, heck, even talk about some friends!

This piece here, is a concept I did for work actually( yup, for all of you guys who thought I didn't work!)
I liked it..and I haven't any new stuff to show...therefore...here it is!


sarah said...

Cool... was this made into a game? So cute!

Busy fun is good :) Hope wedding prep is going well!

Mette said...

I love it. :) I can look at this for hours! You're detail work and little notes and everything is from another dimention. Fly me away. :)

pascal said...

Thanks girls

mike said...

holy crap!

Fr@nk said...

I want to play it !