Sunday, October 29, 2006

for the hell of animation

Sarah, one of my co workrs and I were talking the other day about what was hard in animation.
I was telling her that doing two or three characters interacting was especially hard for me.
And she sort of challenged me to do more than that.
So, I did six of them, in my very own peculiar style.

It's nothing very funny, but my god, what a good exercice!
I tried to add some follow through on that, But i'm getting tired, and it doesn't look all that good.

Still, It's aninteresting little piece!

you can see it

It's a four megabyte file, and there's no preloader.
Justin case you have a slow connection!


Breadwig said...

Pascal, that is just the bees knees! Ha, I love it.

Anonymous said...

thats super rad!!! totally awsome. i always lookforward to your shorts. the animation shorts that is, not the ones you are wearing. jk keep it up.

bobby casumbal said...

how fun! more more! you make it look so easy!

Tony C. said...

Fantastic! I love the snap as the chain stretches then pops back.

What music are you using here?

Sarah Dicken said...

Genius! :)

Alan said...

Brilliant! I can't stop staring at it. Too fun.

I like the way you made the 6 of them function as 1 unit in certain parts of the animation. That's pretty much the easiest way to handle something like that.

The hardest thing to do in animation, is to do it well. That's what my grumpy butt thinks anyways.

bala said...


kudos to you!!

Unknown said...

Really good and cool Pascal!

Todd Harris said...

that was really fun, good blog post.

sarah said...

Pascal! I just want to watch this over and over! This is awesome. And yeah, multiple characters IS hard.
Well done! :)

pascal said...

this is a LOT of replies!

THANKS guys.
That feels really good, especially coming from so many talented people!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Profusely creative! Will be watching from now on...