Friday, August 14, 2009

Water moon

...After doing the ducky image yesterday, I went back and looked at another ducky image I did a while ago...and it inspired me to do this one.

Have a great weekend.
And... I'm getting really REALLY busy again.So..I'll still try to post, but, probably simpler ones( each time I say I'm not going to post, i end up doing it I won't say that this time!)

And don't forget to check Scribiling . There are two new images there today!


Abhilash.N said...

Wooow, Dream...!!

Stephan S. Royer said...

unbelievably cute.

awesome atmosphere, love it!

Tel Coelho said...

this is really WONDERFUL!!!!!

Teresa Yau said...

Hi! I really enjoy seeing your posts daily in my Google Reader! How do you do think of something fresh every day?

Sarah Forrester said...

Yay! I love those lil' duckies!

pascal said...

Thank you all.

Teresa...You know, the answer to that is easy, funny, and almost unbelievable.
It's just....practice!
really, it is!

Anonymous said...

This is really WONDERFUL and AMAZING!!!!
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pascal said...

Thank you