Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More ( Train) doodles

Since I have a longer train commute now, I use this time to either sleep, read or sketch. This past week's been sketching rather than reading or sleeping

Also, being on the train tends to make me more introspective, which brings up a lot of memories, and I see these pop up in these drawings!

A cross memory between Italy and France

Market day in Martigues, where I grew up ( it's roughly Martigues)

A corridor in my old kindergarten school ( I've NO idea why I was thinking of that)

A path way behind Molly Stones, a local food store, in Burlingame


Haylee said...

I can't believe no one has commented on these!! I love these Pascal, there is a warmth to these drawings that are different than the others. I sincerely enjoy each of these particular compositions.

My apologies for not coming by more.

pascal said...

Thank you Haylee!
Don't worry about not coming by any more.. actually, it's nice you don't, so that when you do come by, you see a lot of images all at once!

How are you by the way?