Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday night bath

This is a slightly different sketch for me.
Instead of doing it all digitally, or traditionally, I did a mix of both.
I started by sketching the bathroom while on the train, and, after I'd scanned it in, I thought...hmmm.. how would it look if I drew in characters digitally?

I'm only so so with the results, but it's an interesting process , and I think there's definitely something to it.
What do you guys think?

Here is the version without character

and here's the one with characters


Pop9 said...

It does work, no problemo.

the lexophile said...

There is a cartoon called Captain Flamingo that has almost the opposite style (broad lined foreground, no outlines on background). Gives the effect of drawing your eye in to the focal point. I love the background on this image with all the dark lines but find it draws my eye away from the "action".

pascal said...

Pop9 thanks!

Teh lexophile..hmm..don't know that show , but I like the test. I agree that I want to see the BG more, probably because I first did the bathroom without thinking of putting characters in..but there's definitely something to try here.
Thanks for the feedback!

rinaj said...

well, I think it works with the mix. but in this specific case I like the bathroom without character better, just because I like the drawing so much. If you'd shown only the one with characters, I'd have loved it too. now that I see both, I don't like the red tongues so much in the second version :) but in general I think that the technique is interesting and worth some more experiments.

pascal said...

Thanks Rinaj...I like the one without the characters better as well..which just goes to show you that a background is never JUST a backgroung. It's a full character and you shouldn't just slap behind any character!