Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tag and flag

Here's the link to the animation

A little while ago, I was approached by an organization called the white flag project.
They are a volunteer group, located in South Africa, trying to make the world a better place, by encouraging people to do good things.
Do a good deed a day for someone, and that person could potentially do a good deed for someone else, and that person for someone else, etc etc.
They told me they really liked my xmas animation of a 2007 and asked me if I could reuse it to do something for their cause.
So, here it is!

Please, if you feel inclined to, register on their site

and pass the animation around. Their idea is to send this out as a viral video to promote the idea of" you can make a difference".

Cheers, and have a GREAY day!


Chantale Boudreau said...

Cool animation for a great cause! :) I will foward it!!!
Have a nice day

RAWLS said...

Great stuff Pascal! Good job my friend!!

Lesley Vamos said...

Hey Pascal, I'm seriously honored you visited my blog! not even my mum can be bothered : ) Thanks for the comment as well - I tried to do what you do with colour - and I found a really nice photo I took when I was in America with a perfect sunset, so I tried to emulate those colours : )

Any way, I love this animation - My fav part was the little boys after Santa Clause and the Martians at the end, your drawing style has that 50's cartoon quality - like around the time of "Toot, whistle, plunk and boom" Its awesome and I'll defintely pass it along - I just wish I could claim it as my own ; p

Lisa Tao said...

thats a really cute animation!!!! love it!!

Mathieu Maillefer said...

C'est super chouette !
J'adore la foule de personnages et de petits détails qui foisonnent au premier ou en arrière-plan.
C'est vraiment dynamique et efficace.
Je suis fan :D

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!

Pop9 said...