Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Late night Serenade

Hey guys, I'm looking for a web designer to help me redo my site. If any of you guys know anybody, could you please send me their info, or have them email me?
Thank you!

In the mean time, Have a GREAT Tuesday!


Glorb said...

Moi, monsieur, moi !

Francis said...

I have to say your constant updates are impressive!

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Glorb.. super.. je te met sur la liste. J'ai deja recu 12 emails a ce sujet.. wow!

Adolfo Rodriguez said...

dont know any web designers, but I really like this art piece. very nice!

Thunderrobot said...

Absolutely Fantastic! This is one of my favorite drawings that you have ever done.

Blue is great color.

sebastian chedal said...

hello, I'm a professional web designer/developer. With excellent technical and creative skills. If you would like to work out a concept that capitalizes on your creative style, is easy for you to maintain, is optimized for Google, and has subtle final touches that make it really stand out... I might be the person you are looking for.

I live in Portland Oregon USA; got lots of clients and only making room right now for creative projects I enjoy. 10 years+ of experience. my email is: schedal at gmail dot c o m.

great art work, hope we can make a match.

all the best,


RAWLS said...

Dude...I gotta say...how the heck do you find time to do these everyday?!? Do you have the ability to stop time? These are great as usual my friend. I don't know where you get all yer ideas from.

offset said...

Hi Pascal, we are a design company based in the UK. Our website is offsetmedia.co.uk.

Websites which we have worked on recently which are more illustration-based are: illustratorslounge.com and scribblescribble.co.uk.

A project like yours sounds very exciting, and we would be more than willing to take it on, and working together.


offset media

jessicadrhp said...

all i can say is Wow and stunning. haha.

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!
Offset, Sebastian ..thanks. I'll be sending you an email this weekend or so!

sebastian chedal said...

great! looking fw to hearing more about what you are looking for. please note that I'm off to Canada in an hour; beback next tuesday! [12th aug] cheers! seb.

Kei Acedera said...

Ah! you create such wonderful scenes :)

pascal said...

Kei... Look who's talking!
(^_^) THANK YOU Thank you. You are SUCH an inspiration.

RGartland said...

I know it's a little late in the game, but I just saw this post. First off, wonderful work as usual. Second, a friend of mine named Brad Carlson (bradleyrc@gmail.com) does web design stuff and would love to help you out if you have not already found someone.