Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cute Mistake

This is not exactly a sketch of the day.. I did this for my baby's room, as a mural. the actual size of the piece is 2.34 meters, which is a little over 7 foot I think.
Unfortunately, I did it at the studio, and when I compared the colors with the ones we have in the room, it really didn't fit.

BUT.. that only means I'll have to do ANOTHER one!
In the meantime...this one is a fine post for this rainy Thursday.
Have a GREAT day

ps...if you guys want to see the big size version, copy and paste this link, but, watch out, it is pretty big!


Francis said...

Wow, looks like a great mural.

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks Francis
Wow.. that was a quick reply!

Francis said...

haha...I usually have my google reader on at work! So I see updates pretty quickly I guess.

Anthony Holden said...

This is so fun! I've thought about doing this for my little boy, but it's not worth my time until we're owning and not renting.

mike said...

baby room.

or i guess it woulda been. ;)

Jono Doiron said...


Mathieu Beaulieu said...

I really love this!! sooooo cute and well done.

Kei Acedera said...

Amazing Pascal! Its SO adorable. I could really see this as a nice wallpaper--you should produce some! Can't wait to see your newer version.

nhudiep said...

oh...what a wonderful idea. your baby's going to have wonderful dreams growing up in a room like that.:)

gabrielin said...

Todos los dias me paso por tu blog. Tengo que decir que realizas unas ilustraciones magnificas, muy originales y con un tratamiento del color estupendo. Eres de los mejores ilustradores y mas prolificos, que se puede encontrar en internet. Felicidades

pascal said...

Francis.. hmm you'll have to teach me how to do that.. I'm still going from blog to blog when I get a chance, to see who has updated, and If I don't see the first one being updated, i usually stop and go back to drawing!

Thanks GUys!

Kei.. Yeah.. this is not the first I do like this, and I'm realizing I really enjoy doing these lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng drawings.
hmmm... I should talk to Bobby about getting pointers on how to make this a business!(^_^)

I can read Spanish but can't write it. Thank you very much for the nice compliment. I REALLY appreciate it!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Wow! This is really beautiful :) So cute... Will you paint it directly on the wall or you're planning a really big print?

k. borcz said...

These are pretty fantastic! :)

Anyway, I'm working on uploading your interview from Comiccon for (its going to be under the events/festivals section if you want to see it). Thanks for doing the interview and giving a little insight into what inspires you.

Have a great day!

pascal said...