Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday sketch

Still going on with the explorations!
Have a GREAT weekend!


Brooks said...

This is f'n amazing. I love the layout.

This is one of your best posts in a while. I've seen all of your posts but this really stood out to me.

(and I) said...

I love the light! The over saturation is perfect.

Le Tang said...


I love your work... big fan. But I missed you at con, how would I be able to get your book?

Bobby said...
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Bobby Pontillas said...

I concur! Great design, great lighting! I still can't believe how fast these take you. Not Human!

Valérie Morency said...

Woua mais c'est cool ça!

Valoche pouet!

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks Guys!

Thank you very much!
I wasn't sure about that, so, YEAH, for making me feel good about this choice!

And I.. love your name!
Thank you

Le Tang, send me your address and I'll send you one maybe soon, maybe when i reorder, i don't know if I have any left after this next batch of send offs.
BUT, I am going to reorder some!

(^_^) You know, these last ones are actually faster to do than the other colored ones I usually do!


RAWLS said...

Love it!! Great mood dude. hahah. I agree with Brooks...this one is pretty sick my friend! Beautiful stuff as always.

Lisa Tao said...

hey pascal!! nice meeting you at the con and your book is AWESOME =)
SO CUTE =) love ur work!!

heri said...

hey pascal! :)
lovely work like always.


Ryan Green said...

I love the subtle portraits hanging on the wall. Great detail!

Francis said...

great stuff! might i ask you what you use to do the line work? its very crisp and clean.

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Francis... 90 percent of the drawing is done in flash. The only thing NOT in flash is the texture, which i added at the end, in photoshop!

Robert Bandel said...

Really nice piece. Great mood. My eyes swept around the illustration, from the interior, to the family, then the girl who is looking at the dog. Landing on the dog last. And than realizing that the dog has been watching me as I peered into it's world. A fun illustration to look at.

pascal said...

Robert.. that's EXACTLY how I built it!
YEAHH Thanks

Metten said...

I just love the lightning in this one. you convey such a good feeling. :)

pascal said...

Thank you