Thursday, August 14, 2008

Second pass

I redid a mural for Lily's room. It's not quite as long as the last one, BUT, the colors will actually match!

Have a GREAT Thursday!


RAWLS said...

Looks superb my friend!! Lucky girl! Great name by the way... my daughters name is Lillian as well.

RGartland said...

I don't know how you consistently put out great stuff like this. Amazing work!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Yeah! It looks fantastic and fun! Lily will have the most beautiful baby room! :)

Iggy said...

Fantastico ! really really engaging and fun!

mike said...

that is so great.

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Rawls.. REally? Ha... great minds..

Rgartland practice, practice..

Chantale. merci! Peut etre pas la plus belle, mais au moins, tres personelle!

Iggy. (^_^)


Dougmian said...

Sweet Artwork! I will see your artwork with my reference!

pascal said...

Thanks Doug,,,what do you mean by you will see my artwork with your reference?

platypotamus said...

phenomenal. and seriously inspiring, as always.

just curious what your plans are for transferring this to the wall - would you paint it by hand, or do some sort of transfer?

in any event, keep kickin it!