Monday, June 30, 2008

The Monday run

Interesting weekend, and now a LONG week ahead of me, so here's a fast image!
Still playing with textures..I think I'm getting somewhere with them.

Have a GREAT day.


Thunderrobot said...

I'm really loving the textures.

Where do you get yours?

jessicadrhp said...

Interesting textures here! Definitely getting better!

pascal said...

Thanks guys.
This one was a quick one!
I love playing with the textures, but I'm too busy right now to explore this in depth!
I'll come back to it and try to do a series of images in that style, maybe a little story?(^_^)

Thunderobot. I got a bunch through Stephanie's library..when she showed me a few tips, she also gave me some of hers!
But, I'm probably going to do my own as soon as I can focus on it!

jessica..I will!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Wow! De mieux en mieux le travail des textures!!! :)