Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday in Winnipeg

Really, I just put the name Winnipeg in the title because I LOVE that name!
I've never been there though.
Have a GREAT day everybody.


Eli said...

Ha! Love that car in the background!

Chantale Boudreau said...

Hihihi! J'aime bien la voiture moi aussi ;)

shakespeare said...

Wow! super composition.
Est-ce un reversed view de l'illustration précédente?

Chocolate Log said...

Cool bananas another sweet illustration. Love the car in the background

Ben Wood said...

yay another floating car! your imagination is wicked!

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Shakespear..(^_^) I was wondering if people would notice. It sort of is , but not really. I just felt like drawing that again!

shakespeare said...

Anyway Pascal, from my point of view, a lot seem's to happen on street Morency ;-)

Valérie Morency said...

What do you waht to say by that Shakespear! Actually Morency street is to secret to be noticed