Friday, June 27, 2008

a sketch, a collage and an animation..It's Friday!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for all the phenomenally supportive emails I've received about Naya's passing away. I didn't realize so many people would send personal mails. THANK YOU, thank you.

This is the actual sketch of the day, (but I did it a few days ago!)

The blue and orange one is another collage/textured test. I think it's only OK..but you tell me. I didn't spend enough time on it I think.

And, lastly, a little straight ahead animation..I just needed to zone out for a while and this came out! It feels good to animate again, even if it's total nonsense!

Cheers and have a GREAT day!


mike said...

i'm loving these textured pieces you're doing! very cool. and excellent animation as usual.

sorry to hear about naya. :(

RAWLS said...

haha...your anim always puts a smile on my face. Great stuff my friend! The texture works well on the ground and for the tree. It gets a little washed out in the yellow area though and causes the characters to get a little lost. Over all a really nice piece...One thing I find about using textures is to make sure that the drawing doens't become more about the texture and less about the drawing.

RAWLS said...

ps. your waterworld page looks great!!

h said...

hi, your animation is amazing.

i truly admire your animation work. i do some work in after effects , but it's a very different way of animating. i can tell that you use flash but when i've tried it i've found a bit hard to get a n effective process going. i would really appreciate it if you took a second to share your animation process. i must learn! basically are you just doing drawings in each frame? how do you toggle back and forth easily? i'm very curious!

jessicadrhp said...

the animation brightened my day! sorry to hear about your loss, naya must have been a great companion!

Eli said...

I do like that addition of texture to your work, adds some warmth I think, and your animations are always so great. I watched it several times to focus my eyes on the different characters.

I just saw Kung Fu Panda, which was great, but it is funny that your stick figures can be just as compelling!

jason said...

you're an inspiration man, i love your sketches so damn much.

jason <3

Alan said...

Nice animation. Is that an homage to Johnny Depp's demise in "Nightmare on Elm Street?"

Kat said...

Hi! Love your work! beautiful illustrations and wonderful animation! thanks for sharing them!! ^_^

pascal said...

thanks guys!

Rawls. Good point. I noticed that but I;m still trying to figure out how to control the colors in the textures and stuff. It's fun exploring though

ps...Haven't seen it yet!

h: Thank you.
I have a very straightforward process. I do one frame at the time, one after the other, when I do these type of animations. This one started out with just the box falling, and from there, I was thinking about what could happen next, not really trying to tie anything together consciously, although I tend to do that naturally. I just let myself go with it.
I drew the first guy coming out, and the second guy was drawn on a separate layer, and all the other characters ended up having their own layers. From there, when I had all four guys, I just animated one at the time.
When I did the fourth guy, and made him jump and fall back, it was a mistake. I realized when he was up in the air that he would land on the others, so I made him fall behind..not thinking it would lead to the "end" of the "thing".
After that , it all went super fast, as you can see the animation has tons of shortcuts, and lots of variation in the size of the characters.

I toggle back and forth a litlle, but I use onion skinning quite a bit..just about all the time. I'm so used to it that I can have it on with three skins one way and three the other and still understand what's going on( in MY animations only...I tried "fixing" someone's animation like that and got so confused...)

There you go!

Jessica. She was.. thank you

Comparing me to Kung Fu Panda.. WOW.. that's a BIG compliment. Thank you. I don't think I'm anywhere near that, but, THANK YOU!

Jason. Thanks!

Alan..hahahahah. NO, it's not... but that could be a fun animated sketch to do!

Thank you

h said...

thank you so much for sharing a little bit of insight into your animation process. i got inspired to dust off my flash application and try it again, but just as i was about to, a friend turned me on to this little cute program called "pencil" made by someone named Pascal Naidon (i like serendipitous coincidences:) they're fun!)

it does traditional (frame by frame) animation with straightforward onion skinning and fast keyboard shortcuts... i tried my hand at a small little animation ust to test it out:

the timing and naturalness are going to be very hard to master, i can tell.... it's also hard to keep the characters in the proper size... =)

in any case, thank you so much for your inspiration. the amount and quality of your work is admirable, and your willingness to share is a blessing... thank you!

Thunderrobot said...

Hey Pascal,

It's been forever, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting.

Anyway, I love the textured piece. I don't think it looks rushed at all. You should do some more!

The animation was cool too,
I seem to recall the tune in an advertisement for something, but i can't remember what.