Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lack of posts

This is one of those times when I realize how depending I am on technology.
My desktop is having major major issues with connectivity.
I'm writting from a laptop right now, because my main machine freezes anytime I try and connect to the internet.
Hence, I can't post drawings, listen to Itunes music, or chat, all three of which are basics element of my work these days.
I can't post sketches of the day, although I could do them...but I just don't feel like it if I can't send them off. Interesting..ten years ago, if someone would ahve told me this situation would exist, I would have thought it would be a joke!

HAVE A GREAT DAY everybody, and I'll be back when I'm back(online!)



Colette said...

Ohhhhh, that's why there weren't any sketches. Hope you're back online soon! Cheers!

Eli said...

If you don't know already, there's a new feature on Blogger that allows you to pre schedule posts, just hit the post options on the bottom left and you can line a bunch up for the future, so if your connection dies you'll still be posting...

I do this to keep a more regular schedule of posting, I just line them up for 1AM monday, wed, friday.

It is sad that I freak out when I can't get online, it feels like I'm in a bubble. Good luck, I miss your posts!

Chantale Boudreau said...

C'est dommage... :( J'espère pour toi que le tout va se rétablir rapidement!

nhudiep said...

oh...i hope you hurry back! :)

yes i will be there at comic con buying my weight in art books. i hope to see your book there this year.

Matt said...

Good luck Pascal...hope your machine is feeling better soon.

pascal said...

Thanks guys.
My computer is still screwy( I should be getting a new one Monday!)but...I just have to work with that for the moment!