Thursday, November 11, 2010

They waited all night


Kim said...

love all your work! =) just wondering, how do you get that texture in all your drawings? always looks amazing

KAVI said...

trop excellent cette ambiance @!j'adore !
c'est dans 4-5 ans ca , question: dans ta maison a SF ou LA ?? hihihihihi

Unknown said...

Beautiful painting. Interesting that you went for an overall warm color scheme, instead of the usual blue-night color with contrasting orange hearth glow.

pascal said...

Thanks Kim.
It's just a textured paper that I apply over the whole image in Photoshop.

ah! Bonne question. Ici j'espere, mais, on verra!

Thank you Munchaka
I wanted to do something a little different with this one

Mariel said...

I really love your works... my faves are the ones with your wife and kids like this one :)

I saw a video/documentary about you, and you said something about drawing out your emotions... I must say, you really do it effectively :)

Truly an inspiration for us all, keep it up sir :D

jessicadrhp said...

Really like this one.

Tibo3D said...

All of your work is really amazing!!
It's a pleasure every days to see it!
thank you

pascal said...

Thank you Mariel..what a nice thing to say!

Thanks Jessica, Tibo!!
Always nice to hear from you