Monday, November 01, 2010

Boys will be Boys

Halloween was great!
Now, it's time to thank about getting ready for THANKSGIVING!


Mette said...

whish thanksgiving was a norwegian tradition as well! :) looks like fun (and a lot of good food ;)).

Love the illustration. :) Boys are boys, yup.

pascal said...

Hey Muffin!
I LOVE thanksgiving.. not just the food..but the feeling of it.
It's as good as xmas to me!

sarah said...

Beautiful! I love Thanksgiving too. If I'm lucky, and go home to Canada in October, I get to celebrate twice! :)

Unknown said...

Two thumbs up for the lighting work!

pascal said...

Thanks Sarah!
Ho that's right..I forgot you are from Canada!
Thank you Nearchos

KAVI said...

j'ai rate celui ci ! super chou les jumeaux !

pascal said...

Merci Kris!