Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Around the table

It's going to be Thanksgiving soon....I'm excited


Jushtin E. Lee said...

It's mind boggling that you do one of these a day--and in awesome.

lindsey olivares said...


KAVI said...

Thanksgiving et sa dinde de 15 kg hihihih
J'adore la fille qui fait une grimace a Lily !

pascal said...

Thank you!'s image is just sharpie on paper!
I just checked your work...fantastic stuff!

Hey Lindsey! Thank you

Kris..ahaha La fille qui fais la grimace, c'est la soeur de ma femme...elle est la tante preferee de Lily! crois que chaque annee la dinde deviens plus grosse.
Mais bon..j'adore cette periode de l'annee!

Itstartedin82 said...

I can't wait for the food on Thanksgiving. Thanks for the new illustrations every day. Very inspirational!

Jushtin E. Lee said...

ha, oh I see, well thats a cool drawing as well. Thanks for checking out my stuff!