Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top of the hill


Anonymous said...

Im sorry, but i just had to leave a comment. I simply just love your images. I love just looking at them - wondering and smiling all over. Thank you for your wonderful stories of adventure, childish innocence og happiness. You are an inspiration. Please keep making and posting them.

Thank you

JoN Lankry said...

quelle vue !
quel magnifique moment partagé !

Jocelyn Liang said...

Really beautifully designed landscape. I like how desaturated it is, it makes it sentimental and peaceful.

pascal said...

Thank you

lars Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment
I really appreciate it


Hi Jocelyn,,hey..did we meet at CTN last year?
Thank you in any case

KAVI said...

J'adore cette image

Anonymous said...

Hey this is Chris Viel and I was in Bryan Ballinger's class that you spoke to. Thanks for your time in speaking to us. Your style is one of my favorites; it has a really vintage look to it. Also this is a great scene, I really like it.