Friday, March 04, 2011

The argument


Anson Jew said...

Looks like you're adept at capturing the not-so-good times as well as the good, and still manage to capture a little levity and humor!

I recently started teaching a storyboard class at Otis School of Design, and one of the things I offer my students is a chance to earn some extra points toward the class by posting sketches to an online forum I started for the class. They get a new assignment 7 days a week and if they do 20 assignments in a row without a break, they get extra points.

I recently found your interview on the Character Design blog and found your sketch a day blog. I post a link for them to see your work and I know that my students (and I) get great inspiration from it!

pascal said...

Hi Anson!
Thank you..

Otis is a great school
I've met a few students from there before and they tend to be really good.
What is the link to that forum? I'd love to check it out

Thank you for your nice words about the interview!

Flash Potatoes LLC said...

Ouch, I've been there...too many times. I really enjoy following this blog because your work is so emotionally evoking and unpredictable.

Jonathan Lankry said...

La grande question est :
Pourquoi boudes t-il ?

hahah superbe luminosité sur celui-ci !

Forest Zhu said...

like this color~,I will still follow your blog,enjoy your works,

pascal said...

Thank you