Friday, March 18, 2011



Paul Tinker said...

I like the lighting in this one Pascal.

C├ęsar Rosolino Pasqualinotto said...

yeah, the lighting is really amazing (: thanks for sharing

Jonathan Lankry said...

C'est vrai !
Tes dessins sont tellement lumineux !

*pars les ├ętudier en profondeur*

Alex said...

Your art is amazing.
The designs and colors are beautiful, charming.
Every time I pass by here I'm more impressed with your huge talent.

I bought your books Oogeley Boogeley 4 and 5....WOW!

Jocelyn Liang said...

I love the whimsicalness of her pose. When I realized what the shirt said, I thought it was cute :).

pascal said...

Thank you so much

Merci Jon
Si tu as des questions, n'hesite pas a me demander