Monday, March 07, 2011

It runs in the family


Katelyn Gannon said...

Another great one! Thanks to you and Nidhi for skyping with us CalArts students last week, it was really great seeing how you create these daily drawings.

Hanna said...

I can't wait till my daughter is old enough for this!

Mariel said...

Post of some their works too, hehe :) Another great one Pascal :)

Jonathan Lankry said...

Je veux faire ├ža avec mon enfant plus tard !

Muffin said...

hehe, good for her and good for you! :) lovely illustration.

pascal said...

Thank you !
Hey Katelyn
Ha.. it was our pleasure.
It's too bad our systems didn't cooperate the way we planned them to be, but we thought that was just the right excuse for us to have to come down there!

Hanna.. it is a FANTASTIC feeling! time!

Jon.. tu as un enfant? Quel age?

Hey Muffin! Always nice to see you here! Thank you

AST said...

Pascal, would you sell a print of this? I think it would be a great father's day present.

BTW, I love your work!