Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scribiling post

....actually, it's really only HOT and less hot!


RAWLS said...

haha... "what's the weather like today?" "Oh, less hot."

Mark aguilar said...

Dude, your stuff is absolutely gorgeous. Who were/are some of your inspirations? What is your thought process when you produce a piece?

pascal said...


Hello, and nice to meet you.
Think you for your nice words.

I get inspired by so many people all the time, it's hard to pinpoint one in general, although, an obvious one is tadahiro uesugi ,,,but, most recently, I have been inspired by my daughter, my wife, my friends, San Francisco and life in general.

As for my thought process...(^_^)
I sit down and think...hmmm...what should I draw...and boom..two hours later, there you have it! ( It use to be just an hour, but I've gotten slower this past year!)

Tibo3D said...

WOooooooow !!! nice work !!
i really like it!

pascal said...

Thanks Tibo3D