Monday, May 25, 2009


since it's memorial day..

This is (roughly) me around 17, taking trains in winter. You are always taking a train to somewhere when you live in France.It was nice and toasty inside, when it was cold out there.
No Ipod's at the time, just a good old walkman, and if I was lucky enough, it was one that would reverse the tape automatically.


Pop9 said...

Nice memories. And if you got caughed with your feet on the seats, you were fined !

Haylee said...

This has to be one of my favorites. The mood and composition in this one hits home for me in many ways. It will now remain as my desktop in hopes to "cool me off" in these hot summer days. =]

RAWLS said...

Fantastic lighting man. Good memories!

Jean said...

Aaaah le plaisir du train ! En particulier lorsque tu profites d'un compartiment vide, comme dans ton illustration. Je confirme, c'est divin.
En revanche, coincé 6 heures avec une vieille bique qui ronflent et une mère avec ses six enfants dont deux bébés qui braillent tout le long... Aaargh :D

Belle traduction graphique de cocon de quiétude. :)

Breadwig said...

So great. Makes me think of listening to my walkman as I worked on my grandfather's farm as a kid.

kyle said...


Darren Taylor said...


jessicadrhp said...

great feel.

pascal said...

Thanks guys

Pop9 ho yeah.... I forgot about that!

Haylee....that makes me very happy

Jean..ou huit heures, debout, en ete, entre Strasbourg et Marseilles, epaules contre epaules juste a cote des toilettes....y'avait ca aussi!

Breadwig...I want see images of that!!