Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To the con...animated...

...(^_^) Couldn't resist a little animation for the con!



ZooRocket said...

That's great Pascal, wish I could be there :) Have a great trip!!!

Bill Robinson said...

Hahah, this is great. I will be there too, will have to stop by and say hi. :D

RAWLS said...

Awesome Pascal!! I love this one...mostly cause I'm a sucker for robots! Great job my friend. How long does it usually take for you to pull one of these off?

pascal said...

Thanks guys.
Bill, we'll be at booth G2..you should definitely stop by!

Thank you.
this one was an odd one..i started it on Friday. I was doing this job where I had to do a ton of "morphing" animations, and when I sent in my clips, and waiting for feedback, i started doodling this.
I got feedback really fast, so I stopped, started to work on the changes, and, kept doing that on Monday as well..doing one thing here and there on Monday. And today, I kind of liked where I was, and I spent a few hours just doing it!
all in all , it's probably a few hours..but i can't say for sure how long it took me, or how long it would take me if I were to sit down and do it all in one setting!

nhudiep said...

oh my gosh. my day just got soooo much better after seeing your animation. this is awesome.looking forward to seeing you at the con! =)

ps. ive been meaning to mention i absolutely love the feel you're achieving with your experimentation with textures.

RGartland said...

I am planning on coming to the Con next year and hope you'll be there again. Also, random question, but what song plays over this animation? I love it!

Jason Barnes said...

" a little animation for the con..."

geez..how humbling. your nonchalant approach to animation (and illustration) is so great. I can tell it is something you truly love.

never stop.


gamusino Javi said...

amazing colors Pascal!! Very nice work, have fun at yhe Con!!

Eli said...

I would love to see a how to video of you making one of these animations, maybe post one to youtube?

Would it help if I said please?

Really fun and awesome as always!

Erik D. Martin said...

totally sweet animation pascal! I love your artbook btw!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! :)

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!

Alan said...

Awesome post. I dunno how you do it man! I'm starting to think there is a double of you doing all the work.