Monday, January 21, 2008

Where the wild things go

Hey hey hey!
I've been founding it increasingly more difficult these days to do a sketch of the day that is of quality. Just too much work going on, too much other things as well, ( all GOOD things too (^_^)), so, I might , once again, slow down and, maybe turn this into a sketch of the week.

On a different note.
I went to see Cloverfield yesterday.
Before the movie, I was trying to not read any of the reviews, nor hear anything from the movie, which I found really really hard to do if you have any connection with the internet.
Still, I managed to get in there and only know it was a monster movie and the statue of liberty gets beheaded pretty early on.

I must say that I was very pleased with the movie. I actually liked it a lot. I thought it was much more a character movie than an actual monster movie. We do see the monster, we don't get cheated on that ( NOT at all in fact), but I enjoyed how it all focused on the character's development. Even if at some times, i would wonder why this decision or this one had been made, it proved to be a solid good, SHORT film.

One thing though..the first ten to fifteen minutes of the movie are hard to get into. The shakiness of the camera is pretty strong. It keeps going on throughout the movie, but the first part is really the hardest. Once you get over that, you're good.

Have a GREAT day!


sarah said...

Hey Pascal! I understand being too busy to post as much as you'd like. Still it's wonderful to see your art! I love the colour of this one, with the mostly blue palette. :)

Simon Scales said...

awesome pascal - simply love the colors in this one!!!

abbeychase said...

nice pic, at first I saw the octopus and thought it was a pic from inside a submarine, kind of a capt Nemo/Jules Verne thing. That would make a great little story/anim.

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks guys.
Thank you so much. Youknow hom much I love your stuff!

Abbeychase. I LOVE Jules verne. Maybe I got inspired by him.