Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Monday


Hope you all had a pleasant weekend.
We started watching the"Blue Planet" Dvd's last night. WOW! Talk about spectacular scenery! I had never seen nature captured that way and made SO engaging, even if sad sometimes! I highly recommend you to rent or buy the DVD's!

Have a GREAT Monday


Chris said...

Wow, you totally just updated! Great illustrations lately Pascal.

I'm heading back to school next week and I've planned to do an illustration a day M-F. I love the idea of the exercise but you having done for quite some time, have any advise? It seems like it'll take some of that ol' self-discipline...


pascal said...

Hey Chris.
Well, my only advice is to start small.
When I started doing this, two years ago, I would do only one character per drawing, and that would be it!
I started on the theme of Monsters, but after I while, I got bored of monsters, so I started drawing pigs,..and they were three.. from there it just kept going on and on.
Now, I'm back on a super tight schedule, so I'm just doing simple ones ( as oposed to some on which I'd spend a lot more time, figuring out the colors, the layouts, the comps...etc etc.. now, I'm just "doing" them.

Just keep at it, one day at the time!

Wildah said...

Your work ethic blows me away. And all of it is so good. Thx for the inspiration.

Mish said...

i absolutely love the colors on this one...makes it feel very cozy!

Chris said...

Thanks a lot Pascal. That's smart to start small. I'm starting next monday and would like to post them up daily. If you're interested, stop by my blog. I'd love to hear what you think!


abbeychase said...

great work as usual!
thanks for DVD tip, I'm trying to finish my Lost dvd's before that show kicks in. Season 3 on blu-ray looks fantastic btw.

pascal said...

Thanks Abbeychase

Marina said...

I love this one. The contrast between the cozy interior and the cold outside... plus the shared relaxing bath! Great :)