Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok.. this is one is totally weird, even for me.
I have NO idea where that came from, but, what the's still a sketch, and an interesting one at that.

Have a GREAT Monday.


Tor Harald said...

I think this is what they call in anthropology for "a cargo cult."
Strange but nice. :_____:

Chris said...

Great! Hey Pascal I've been doing my dailies for the past couple weeks, thanks for the inspiration dude!

pascal said...

Hey Guys!
Thank you! cult..I Like it
I was thinking of you yesterday, reading about Valhala again at a comic book store in the city. It made me want to order the whole series on amazon!

I'll go check that out right now.

Tor Harald said...

You know, they also made feature animated film from Valhalla, that one is very nice. (I do not have the DVD yet, but he has one of the comments-tracks on it. :) )

I think you will find this fun:
It is very well known in anthropology, it tell something about what happens to people when they just get handed technology without knowing about the process of creating it.

Shane said...

this is the kind of stuff that makes me push myself harder.. gorgeous man!! simply gorgeous.. and totally fun.