Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday animation...Back to the basics

Click on this LINK

I missed doing actual animation and I thought I would practice a bit, and someone had just asked me about the Door piece I did a while back, so I figured I'd do a retake on that.
It's a Work in Progress. I'm thinking that if I work on it here and there throughout the year, I could have another short by August or so.

Anyhow, have a Great Friday and a great weekend.


ahenry said...

Great bit of animation. You're a born gag man.

Jorge A. Morales said...

WTF??? jajajaja Such a funny short. Reminds me of the Tom and Jerry humor.

I gotta envy your timing.

Good Job, Jorge.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Hey there, just had to ask since I was a big fan of the Multi Lock-on 1 and 2 animation--is this inspired by those? Since both are about a crazed man trying to get through a door no matter what! Yours is very very good! I am definitely going to check out your others now. :)

Josh Parpan said...

Ha! this is so great!

Jamal O said...

Great gags.

I dig what your able to convey with a few lines.

robair said...

Haha it's looking good so far :)

Sarah Forrester said...

lol genius stuff Pascal!! Love the latest batch of sketches too, especially "Hard Day." Very poignant. Of course all the Pascal/Katrina themed ones are ultra sweet too. <3

pascal said...

Thanks guys.

Hey Sarah.. what is the Multi lock-on animation? I'd love to see that

Sarah.. your "phone doodles" blow me away.

Bobby Pontillas said...

This is so damned awesome!