Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday is the day before Wednesday

And all you guys know what tomorrow is, right???


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

What great design! I love the hands on the elephant! Great stuff.

Do you use photoshop to do these?

Very inspiring...

Tony C. said...

I hate to repeat it over and over, but I love your use of how you never use the stereotypical color choice for a scene (black/blue=night, red/pink=love etc). I think it adds so much to the overall piece.

Iggy said...

This is awesome!!!
Loved it. LOL

A great season needs a great sketch and you nailed it.

mike said...

thanks for reminding me!

pascal said...

I use Flash for all of my work.
Sometimes, I take the image in photoshop and play with the contrasts, but it's pretty much all flash.
For this one, I didn't have time to go into PS, so, it's straight up Macromedia's flash!

Thank you so much for noting this.
I really do make an effort to try different things with colors.

(^__^)thanks for posting here!

Mike. No worries.
we guys should have each other's backs at all times.