Friday, February 23, 2007

The creature from the Black Lagoon....sort of

I'd imagine that would be it if you saw it again at the movie theaters.
The Drawer Geek's theme was to do different expressions on a character..I sort of cheated, but, what the heck, this was actually SO much fun to do. I tried going as fast as I could to do this, and between the moment I sat down, and the moment I saved it, it was a little less than two hours.
Ive done faster drawings, but, I think this one came out pretty nicely.

As a side not, I went to see Ghost Rider yesterday. Not that I'm a big fan of special effects movies, but I'm a big a fan of the dark movie houses. It's just a whole other universe in there. Of course, the movie sucks, and it had me cringing at times.(Nicolas Cage is a hit or miss type of guy, and he wasn't in the HIT mode in this one). I'm not familiar with the story of the comic, I just knew what the Ghost Rider character looked like. Nevertheless, I don't thin anyone went in thinking they were going to see high art, and that's EXACTLY what we got...NOT high art.
(^_^) The saving grace for me, was Eva Mendes. I dunno...there's something know... so....
well...she made the movie for me.

Long post today.Oh well.
Have a GREAT Friday. The sun came back out here this morning


Matt Ferguson said...

This is a great piece. So much fun to look at.

Joe said...

Love the characters. Great illo.

Katrina said...

I super duper like this one honey!