Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bird Watching

I'm feeling a little cheesy today..hmmm...Maybe because it's my fiance's Birthday ?
Happy Birthday Katrina.


Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Holy CRAP!!! Man you are going OFF!

These are amazing. You are one dedicated person. This made my day. It's been about a week since I last checked your blog and BAM! tons of stuff... great stuff. Keep it man. Yeah, for artistic growth and stuff... but mostly my selfish desires.

Thanks again,

mike said...

nothing wrong with a little cheese on your loved one's birthday. :)

this is adorable!

Tony C. said...

Beautiful work here!. Great use of color and contrast.

Awwww...You lovebirds! :)

sarah said...

Fiance's birthdays are great excuses to be sentimental :) It's really sweet.

So glad you will be at the Comic-Con again! Hurrah!

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Yeah..can't wait to see you to sarah.
Will you have a book of your own sketches as well?

sarah said...

I hope so! Hopefully it won't be too expensive to make one :)