Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tagada Tsoin tsoin

Happy Thursday.

We went out to dinner last night at Espetus.

It's a brazilian meat place, where they bring the meatto your table, and you keep filling up till you explode.

I managed to stop right before that moment, but, I think the tres luces dessert made me go over the edge....I'm NOT feeling like that drawing today...but I wish I did!


Happy Thursday and happy Bday again, honey.


robert casumbal said...

hehe! Happy Snappy! This illustration just made my day! Yippee!!

Chris said...

So cool! I love the peter pan and birds. You have a way with colors that's somethin' else. Awesome stuff!

mike said...

i've been to one of those before! in san diego! i loved it.

mmmmm, meat.

crylic said...

great stuff pascal.

the doodlers said...

Joyous stuff!