Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa Throw

Your guess is as good as mine...

December, as i've mentioned before, is a rush rush rushed month.

here's an ultra quickie, just to keep thehand loose.



sarah said...

Ha ha! The best part of this is Santa's big smile.

Oh man! I've missed so many spectacular Pascal posts! It's such a treat to catch up on all of them!

Thanks for such kind posts on my site too! I was wondering if anyone would check at all today :)

Anonymous said...

what th-!! HA HA!! i agree with sarah- i love santa's giant grin! i always get a big laugh every morning when i check out your blog, pascal. :D

hey- i just noticed jerry changed the teaser site a bit:


Anonymous said...

Like i wrote in Flight forum:You have a beautifull French touch ! Do you work with French editor, if not, you have to do it !!! Do you know Lewis trondheim art ?
I'm sure he love your works....

pascal said...

Hey Guys!
Thanks .
That really was a throwaway sketch though, no pun intended.
I wasn't sure i was going to post it, but, these days, i'm too busy to be picky.
SO GOOD to see you back.
We missed you.

HEY HEY HEY.. the cloud tower studios teaser site is very apealing.
Can't wait for it to begin.

I actually met Trondheim once, if you can call having your book autographed by him at a convention where 50 000 other people are behind you trying to get THEIR book autographed!
I was still in school at that time( 1999) and revered him like a master!

I love his work.
I don't work with a french editor, and I really doubt he'd care about my work, but, that's such a nice compliment!
Thank you.