Friday, December 01, 2006

chunky thunder project

Instead of a sketch today, I want to send this link which contains a sketch that you have all seen anyhow...

This is a link to the chunky thunder project.

It's a website that will be posting xmas art everyday untill xmas from now on, and I am the first to have his art showcased on it
'just thought I'd pass that along.
Cheers,and happy Friday!

Here's the link


Anonymous said...

What a great illustration. Super fun.

the doodlers said...

Fun Christmas image, Pascal! Those green cavemen are just the ticket. So, did they become Santa's prehistoric elves??

sarah said...

Sweet! Congrats Pascal! :)

anne said...

A great illustration for a great project...i'll recommand it to my friends, especially those who can't bear friendly Santa Claus anymore !