Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's a long flight from the North Pole

And even Santa needs a break

(I'm adding a tighter framed one in case the first one is not readable)


Tony C. said...

Ha! This one definitely made me chuckle.

Chris Houghton said...

hehe! Ah, everyone needs a good potty joke now and again. Great work Pascal!

Jastolfo said...

Your work is very charming. Great humour.

Dennis DeMercer said...

Yours has become one of my very favorite blogs. I look at a lot of em too ;)

I checked out your website as well. Amazing animations. I really like the Boss animations. The sketchyness of them is balanced out by the great movement. Really, really great.

Thank you for posting such great stuff so regularly. It's hard to do I know.

Good luck with what you're working on! Can't wait to see the art and animation you post in the future.



sarah said...

Ah ha ha! So funny Pascal :)

Tony C. said...

Channel Frederator gives you some props!

mackenzie said...

hi Pascal,
thank you for your kind words on my blog. I am actually a big fan of your work. Jason Sadler and Jeff Biancalana introduced me to your work. There are actually a bunch of us at Blue Sky, who bought Oogeley Boogely.
Keep up the great work. I definately plan to come back and visit this blog.

Anonymous said...

the composition of this, with the white and everything, is so dang cool.

pascal said...

Hey ..Thank you guys!!

Tony ..
Wow..Channel Frederator?
that's awesome!


Funny you say that, I love your work too.
I was usuing some reference images a while back and some of them came from your blog.
how small of a world is that?


well, thank you so much!
I really apreciate what you are saying about the boss animations.
I wish I had time to do more, but i just don't right now.
I'll get back to it at some point though

Roland, Sarah

are you telling me you have a book of OOgeley Boogeley?


Anonymous said...

the composition of this, with the white and everything, is so dang cool.