Monday, December 04, 2006

gone fishing

Mondays are not good for fishing either


Tony C. said...

Love your raining scenes!

Maki said...

Yeah, you have a great style for drawing rain! I like them, too!

Anne Viel said...

I'll believe you always see rain behind your window ! Hum.. it's not my idea of San Francisco !

Anonymous said...

See, that's what happens when Pandas go fishing with monkeys. It's against nature.

pascal said...

Thaks guys.
Anne.. doesn't rain a lot here.
this was actually a drawing that someone asked me for...and it had rain in it.
That's all!
San francisco , allthough a bit chilly these days, is beautiful and still dry!
You're right.

thank you.

where in Texas are you?

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE YOur artworks, beautiful design, fun character and storytelling!! PRETTY!

heri said...

i always come here, and i get lost in the colors you use. keep up the posting, thanks for sharing Pascal.


Tony C. said...

I am just north of Dallas, in a suburb called Frisco (not to be confused with San Francisco).

If you call SF "Frisco", locals tend to beat you up. It's always best to use "The City" right?

If you are looking for some good eats in SF visit Capurro's Restaurant on the Wharf ( It's owned by my Dad's cousin.

Unknown said...

So so so good!

pascal said...

HEY !!!
Thanks everybody