Monday, January 04, 2021



This one is NOT a funny or uplifting one.

Again, I feel obligated to say this is not a reflection of my current life.

It's an exploration. I often wonder why I tell the stories I tell and why I stop myself from telling certain stories. The feelings are there and they need to come out. Sometimes I don't have the courage to let them out and I do something else instead but then I feel it. And it doesn't feel good. When I do draw them out, it doesn't necessarily make me feel happy, but it makes me understand my world a little bit better.

I hesitate to share them almost every single time( except if they are funny or cute because everybody likes funny and cute) because I am afraid of the judgement ( Either good or bad ). There are a lot of things I haven't done in my life because of that fear so I'm just working on ..working with that fear!

That's really it.



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