Sunday, January 24, 2021

So you want to be an Artist: The Art School

 So you want to be an Artist: The Art School

Because I am a little busy trying to get a book of Cat strips going, I might be posting older ones for a bit.

( Also, if you're wondering why there are so few images and so many more strips, it could be related to the book)

I always liked this one. Funny to see I did it about two years ago and how much my approach to doing short comics has changed since then. I can't wait to try a longer version of these!

#pascalcampion #2019


Anonymous said...

I am not directly in an art-related field and didn't go to an "art school" but rather a private college that had a nice program.

What I am doing now plenty of people do without a drop of education, let alone art education. And not everyone needs or benefits from school.

But I wouldn't be here today without its tools and rewards and structure, and the friends and acquaintances I made along the way, and the pressures it forced upon me, and the distance from the norm it granted me.

And everything that makes me great, and makes me useful in my job, was not in a single book there. But it was FROM there. =)

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