Sunday, June 12, 2016

Little talks.

Little talks.
- ...and the little duck was happy again.. the end!
_ Yes?
_Do you ever get scared?
_ Yes, I do.
_Really?  a lot?
_ Sometimes it’s a lot, yes.
-What scares you?
-Mostly, what scares me is not knowing if Mom and I are doing the best job at giving you some good examples.
-Good examples of what?
-..Of how to be a good person, to think for yourself and help people..and all that sort of stuff. you think I’m a good person?
-One of the greatest I know.
- Doesn’t that mean you’re doing a good job?
-...... I love you Max.
_ I love you too Daddy.
-Yes?_I’m scared right now.. can you stay with me?
_Of course Max.


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