Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Definitely .... “Summer Time!”

Definitely .... “Summer Time!”

You know what? Doing simple scenes is  hard.
The hardest character to draw in this one was the dad because of the more casual pose..so tough to get the balance right because your eye knows how it works while, flying characters... anything works for that since we don’t have a real frame of reference.
Drawing an environment that is nowhere in particular but still recognizable is also a tricky proposition AND.. trying to make it all say something, as simple as it is..
So.. to all the young ( and not so young ) artists out there.. Kudos for just picking up a pencil and trying! That’s already more than the greater portion of the planet!

... I know it’s been said before, but.. drawing is HARD!
Fun, but hard!

ALSO... I see this a lot.. simpler scenes are usually overlooked but they are the hardest ones to do.. so.. why should you/I/Anyone keep doing these and not just do big dramatic sweeping moments or actions?
Because by practicing these little moments you simply get better at observing, recording, assimilating and comprehending how the world functions. When you go back to your big dramatic scenes, the knowledge you will have gained from observing everyday life will help you calibrate your emotions, the actions of your characters, the   amount of wear and tear on the environment to make it feel real...not to necessarily look real, but to make it FEEL real.
That's what these little scenes are... reality in a nutshell.
(at least, that's how I see it!)

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Riyaz said...

I have been looking in to your work for sometime and has was facinated by the control and play of light , lately I noticed another thing your work of how you bring togetherness family and positiveness in to it , I never had any formal education in art but it is through art I express my feelings and emotion alot , but lately I noticed that , as deep and personal those emtions might have been , my creative expressions had a pretty dark and negative angle to it . Your work is very inspiring , not just the style of expression but also the content , subject you choose -thank you soo much .