Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Ferret, the Gecko and the Iguana

For Sophie!


robi pena said...

Love your blog, love your works and their colors :-)!! Amazing works!! Greats!!

Ryan Green said...

I hear ferrets really know how to jam. Fun image!

Colin Jack said...


Liana Hee said...

aww i love this one!! It is so happy!

Florian Satzinger said...

Lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!
Robi Wow.. your stuff is so good!

Hey... Ryan,, will you be in San Diego in a few weeks? If you are, come by and say HI! Great spot with Chowder by the way!

Jacks. Thank you

Liana.. (^_^) can't wait to see your stories!

Florian.. Thank you...I'm such a huge fan of your work!

Ryan Green said...

Yeah...Fawn and I will be there on that Saturday. We'll look for your booth.

By the way...for Fawn's birthday this year, her friend gave her one of your books. We should bring that and have you sign it. :)

pascal said...

HA! That's funny.

I'm at booth G03 this year! Come on by!