Monday, January 05, 2009

This sketch is the beginning of something a little different.
I'm starting a new blog with Matthieu Forichon, another French artist who is incredibly talented.
We're doing this new blog, called Scribiling ( all the other names we were going for were taken.. do you guys know how hard it is to create a new blogname?) with the intent of creating one piece a week at least, and getting a book published next year, compiling our various creations.
We're hoping to learn from one another, and inspire each other, hopefully, learning a thing or two from the experience, and, well...we're just looking to have a good time!

I'll still be posting on my regular blog, and will also keep doing the sketches of the day, for as long as I can..depending on how 2009 will be shaping up!


Also..I know today's sketch if similar to the last one I did, but that's because I'm trying a little harder now to capture certain things about the Light here, and the city in general.
In case you haven't gotten this by now, I am totally in love with this city, and the bay area in general.

That's it!
My apologies for the unusually long post.
Cheers, and have a GREAT day.


Pascal Campion
Land 415 695 2925
Cell 415 430 8141


Unknown said...

Beautiful, like a breath of fresh air in the city!

pascal said...

(^_^) Thank you Alina!

Ryan Green said...

Love this one, Pascal.

pascal said...

Thank you Ryan!

Hey..are you going to be at Wondercon this year? or Comic con?

-Wolf- said...

Wow. Just Wow.

pascal said...

(^_^) That;s cute Wolf

Larisa said...

this one I love so much.. like edge of some golden-dream city.. something healthy, sensual, and a bit sleepy..
wish if I could have your work on the wall.. probably I ll just print me one..don t be mad at me..:)