Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Andrew's house

I rediscovered Andrew Wyeth over the xmas break....and got inspired to do this piece. It's loosely inspired, but inspired nonetheless.

Cheers, and have a GREAT( and warm) Tuesday.


andres alvez said...

Muy buenos trabajos!!! me gustan mucho!

Daisy Church said...


jessicadrhp said...

Thanks Pascal for making me happy!

JP said...

great stuff- wyeth was my major inspiration in school. what a dude.

Nixnotz said...

j'adore tes illustrations
un grand bravo...

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
JP... I was very much into NC Wyeth while in school...I'm only now rediscovering Andrew whose worked I never liked before, and am doscovering incredible beauty , richness and depth of stories in them.
It;s funny to look back at things and be able to see it in a new light.
It's exciting, it's like I have the whole world to rediscover again!
I seriously think my daughter has a lot to do with that!

Jessica.. you are too sweet!

je viens de voire ton blog... super sympa tes illus dis moi!

Eli said...

Really nice one, I like the fuzzy effect.