Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's right off the freeway

Originally, I tried the longer one, as an experiment, but I think the shorter one works a bit better.
Anyhow, have a GREAT Thursday.


MegoScott said...

Hey Pascal, it's Scott from WB here. I love the long one---the composition of the city is so great and hectic that it makes the pond scene all the more restful and sweet. I love how the petal leaves mix with the stars. Gorgeous.

Keath said...

Really? I think the longer one is the best. Different strokes, different folks I guess

Cristina said...

I really like how the perspective changes as you look through the illustration. I love your style and imagination. ;) Great job!

Aurora Cascudo Román said...

well..I think the shorter is so effective as the larger.
Both are fantastic, I love colors and every character and detail...!!!

jessicadrhp said...

i like the contrast of the longer one. the freeway is like an extension of the image. stunning sketch!

Keith Kerstetter said...

Looks great!

Keith Kerstetter said...

Looks great!

pascal said...

Hey guys , THANKS!
SCOTT! So good to see you here! How are you?
Thank you , thank you.. I really appreciate that coming from you

I like the long one too, but I thought the smaller one read better. I need to stretch the long one across my two monitors to see the details on the character's faces!

Thank you!

Aurora. lol
Gracias Y saludos

Jessica! Thank you.
I see you dropped the cows for the loreal image! (^_^)

Mike Laughead said...

The colors are genius on this one. The cars look very un-inviting and the ducks and water make me want to live there. Really great work.