Thursday, October 04, 2007

A hot walk

Ok.. I admit it.. I got lazy!
Originally, that was for Drawer Geeks, the theme was Cleopatra, I got busy, didn't do it, tried to.. and yadadi yadada.. that's my sketch for today!

Oh well...

(oh.. on a side note, I'm relistening to the AMELIE soundtrack right now, and it's still as fantastic as ever.)



Tony C. said...

This is SO

The wind blowing through is just perfect.

Mark Behm said...

Sweeet! Love her shapes.

jessicadrhp said...

u shldnt have said u were lazy. i wldnt have noticed haha

pascal said...

Hey Thanks guys.
Tony... hu..It's funny because it was really not what I wanted to do. I started doing her with a full egyptian backdrop, guards and servants and sphink and stuff.... then I got REALLY lazy and work started calling, so, I just opted for the fast way out!
Thanks though!

Coming from you, that's a biggie, especially since I got motivated to do her after seeing yours!

Jessica...what the ...?Where's that beautiful Loreal image you used as an avatar before?
Thank you

jessicadrhp said...

lol hahah. the image was fuzzy before. doesnt get any better after resizing. haha i guess the cow is pretty abstract (:

mike said...

looooooooove that score! and the movie. and your drawing!!

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks Mike. Yeah, the movie was awesome( it was also the very first movie I saw with the girl that is now my it has a special meaning to me!)

The cow is very funny too though!

mike said...

i like the cow. ;)

jessicadrhp said...

for all the pple who like cows (: they are posted on my blog now haha

pascal said...