Monday, June 26, 2006

Oogeley Boogeley

That's the name of my sketch book.

Here are the two possible covers for it .
let me know which I should pick.

Thank god, Katrina has a good eye for images and an amazing brain for text.
She helped me rewrite the intro to it, and now, i'm feeling pretty good about the whole book!

It's just about ready, just need to send it to the printer!


Alan said...

I kinda like the orange because it sorta jumps out at ya. Your work always has a buzzing energy to it.

BUT... you should see which color works best with all the sketches in your book.

OK... I'm useless.

pascal said...

You're definitely not USELESS Alan.
what you are saying actually makes an odd ball type of way.
You gave me insight on something while I was looking for something else.

Isn't this called serendipity, when you're looking for something and you find another thing equally or more important?


Chet said...



I like the second cover best with the warmer color's, but both are good.

So will this book be avalible to buy online?

pascal said...


haven't seen you there!

How goes it?
Thanks for the feedback.
I've alrady gotten the book to the printer..and.. the blue cover won. looks really nice!

I don't think I'll sell this online since it is just a collection of sketches, but I'll be (trying to) selling it at comicon next week!

will you be there?

Anonymous said...

I have this nervous anxiety sort of feeling coursing through my veins at the moment... Please tell me you're like 60 so I have a few years to step up my game w/out being entirely behind! hehe.

Seriously though, you've paid your dues and your work screams quality. I really wish you'd put this book out! Most of the time I'm more inspired by sketches than I am full on productions.

I'll be at ComicCon 07, please sell again! :D