Thursday, June 29, 2006


.....nothing much.. just a simple sketch.


Alan said...

Very cute.

Do you do most of your sketches straight in flash?

pascal said...

Hey Alan.

It depends.
I sometimes draw on paper( when I have time..) and , because of time,I often go straight into flash.
For this one, I really , really was pressed for time..and as well for the one after that.
I think you are aware of my schedule these days , though!

I'd rather draw on paper first if I could, simply because I feel I have a different connection with what I draw.
I can stage , and add details better on paper.
Do you have that feeling as well?

But.. for the sake of the sketch of the day, Flash is great!

I did eventually try the Cintiq....but for my personal needs, I found out that it wasn't working that well.

It's great for sketching and doing drafting work, but it slowed me down in my"animatic" process, which is the most important part of my personal work.